Ukraine's Ministry of Defense Rallies Forces with Chainsaw Man's Help

Earlier this year, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia escalated into an all-out war, and the damages incurred from the situation are hard to quantify. With lives on the line, many in Ukraine are standing up for their freedom and pushing against Russia's invading forces in any way possible. Of course, the country's Ministry of Defense is backing those efforts, and the organization just rallied its people online with the help of Chainsaw Man. 

Over on Twitter, the official page for Ukraine's defense ministry posted a special piece of artwork to highlight recent victories against Russia. As you can see below, the art borrows from Tatsuki Fujimoto's hit manga as Chainsaw Man is turned into someone who favors rockets.

"Today, HIMARS has a Ukrainian heart beating inside of it. Today, HIMARS wears Ukrainian military uniform," the ministry's post reads.

As you can see above, the tailored artwork turns Chainsaw Man into HIMARS Man given his new artillery. For those who are unaware, HIMARS stands for High Mobility Artillery Rocket System. This state-of-the-art technology allows for incredibly precise rocket launches against targets that few other machines can match. In recent deals, Ukraine's Ministry of Defense was able to negotiate with America as well as other nations to get more HIMARS units. Recent counts suggest the nation has more than 15 units in operation.

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Clearly, Chainsaw Man has reached a new level of popularity to be used like this on Twitter, and tens of thousands have shared the post online. Fujimoto has not commented on the situation nor has Shueisha, the publisher behind the artist's manga. Currently, the publisher is busy overseeing the manga's comeback as Fujimoto resumed work on Chainsaw Man this summer. And as October nears, the series is set to debut its long-awaited anime under Studio MAPPA. 

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