Chainsaw Man Cosplay Focuses on The War Devil

Chainsaw Man has made waves once again with the arrival of the second chapter of its manga, throwing readers for a loop as Denji is nowhere to be found a new protagonist, Asa Mitaka, has taken the reins of the series. With the young high schooler possessed by the War Devil and seeking to eliminate the Chainsaw Man, one cosplayer has brought Asa to life in record time following the debut of Chapter 2 of the beloved franchise which will receive an anime adaptation this fall.         

In the latest chapter of the manga that prides itself on its rich characters and bloody battles, Asa has learned that her life is now in the hands of the War Devil, who is seeking to eliminate Denji the Chainsaw Devil for reasons that have yet to be revealed. Mitaka is an unwilling combatant in this scenario and was pushed into becoming a part of her school's "Devil Hunter's Club" as it would seem that Fujimoto is weaving more than a few mysteries in the franchise. With the first season of Chainsaw Man's anime adaptation set to arrive this fall, 2022 is a big year for the gory franchise.

Instagram Cosplayer Mita Chan shared this spot-on take when it comes to the newly introduced War Devil, who is causing quite a few problems in the life of Asa Mitaka as she is now set on a crash course with Denji as fans of Chainsaw Man continue to wonder what the status of the former protagonist is: 

Chainsaw Man's creator, Tatsuki Fujimoto, has become one of the biggest mangakas in the world today, not just thanks to the story of Denji and his fellow devil hunters, but also in part thanks to the unique stories that the artist has weaved with the likes of Goodbye, Eri and Look Back. While it hasn't been hinted that more of Tatsuki's stories will arrive on the small screen like Chainsaw Man, they certainly feel as though they would work well as television specials.

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