Chainsaw Man Gives Denji the Best Glow-Up in New Chapter

Chainsaw Man has grown since the first chapter of the bloody Shonen manga hit the stands, with Denji remaining steadfast in a number of different ways regardless. With the current set of chapters shifting the story from Denji to Asa Mitaka, the new protagonist who made a deal with the War Devil, the first date between the two is set to end in quite a strange way. Denji might be on the sidelines in some ways, but his presence remains a major part of Tatsuki Fujimoto's masterpiece.

The second section of Chainsaw Man's manga has been a whirlwind for both Asa and Denji, with the latter living it up thanks to his new status as the biggest hero operating in the world today. While Denji is attempting to reveal his secret identity to anyone that will listen, it seems that there is a doppelganger who is prowling the streets and appears to look exactly like the Chainsaw Devil. While the War Devil is still attempting to get revenge on Denji for reducing the number of confrontations in the world, making the War Devil weaker as a consequence, Asa and the Chainsaw Devil have gone out on a date in a bid for Mitaka to transform the Shonen hero into a weapon of her own.

Chainsaw Evolution

Twitter User Denji Unleashed took the opportunity to show how much Denji has changed from when he was previously Makima's lapdog and his status now as an independent operator that appears to be working solo to take down the devils that continue threatening humanity around the world:

The biggest challenge that is now threatening Denji is the Famine Devil, one of the three horsemen of the apocalypse, who is rooting for the War Devil and has trapped both the Chainsaw Devil and Asa in an aquarium. With Denji seemingly believing that this harkens to the return of the Eternity Devil, Mitaka might have the opportunity to finally exact revenge. It might be years before we see these events take place in the anime adaptation, but based on the popularity of MAPPA's anime, Chainsaw Man might receive more than enough seasons to do so.

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