Chainsaw Man's Opening Sneaks In Tons of Movie Easter Eggs

Chainsaw Man's anime adaptation has introduced countless new viewers to Denji's story, and the opening theme song has taken the opportunity to reference more than a few major blockbusters from past years. While Denji's story is certainly a tragic one, it has numerous hilarious moments peppered throughout and the new opening certainly has some fun moments that takes the Chainsaw Devil and his fellow devil hunters and shows how they are able to have fun with their bloody works. 

The movies that are referenced in Chainsaw Man's opening include Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Pulp Fiction, Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, No Country For Old Men, Don't Look Up, Jacob's Ladder, Thor: Love And Thunder, Constantine, and The Big Lebowski to name a few. On top of these, the opening also hilariously references Sadako Vs. Kayako and Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, with Denji and his friends recreating some of the pivotal moments from the films in a unique fashion. Denji isn't exactly a big movie fan, considering he has lived a life mired in poverty as he tries to find some semblance of peace following becoming the Chainsaw Devil.

Twitter User Nezuko Social did an in-depth breakdown of the movie references from Chainsaw Man's opening, with Denji and company showing off their friendship with one another before they get their hands dirty in fighting against the countless devils that are threatening the world:

One of the surprising facts about Chainsaw Man's first season is that while the opening might remain the same as it stands, the ending will change with each subsequent episode. With the MAPPA confirming that Denji's initial anime outing will run for twelve episodes, expect eleven more ending themes to arrive as Tatsuki Fujimoto's world of devils will be expanded upon. If you have never experienced Chainsaw Man, the anime isn't just packed to bursting with bloody battles, but also with hilarious and touching moments that have helped set the series apart in the anime world. 

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