Chainsaw Man Creator Reveals What Pochita Feels Like

Chainsaw Man's creator revealed what Pochita feels like when you pet it! Tatsuki Fujimoto's [...]

Chainsaw Man's creator revealed what Pochita feels like when you pet it! Tatsuki Fujimoto's original manga series was one of the most memorable releases in Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump before it came to an end late last year, and in the months since has seemingly only picked up steam as more fans are drawn to the wild series. This will certainly only continue further when the anime adaptation of the manga makes its official debut soon, and fans recently got their first real look at how it's developing when Studio MAPPA held a special celebration for their tenth anniversary.

Headlining the big livestream panel for Studio MAPPA's tenth anniversary, Chainsaw Man finally debuted the first trailer for its upcoming anime adaptation. Series creator Tatsuki Fujimoto was asked a series of questions during the event in which he opened up about how he became a mangaka in the first place and how Chainsaw Man was developed, and one of the questions had him explained what Denji's dog Pochita feels like when it's pet.

Chainsaw Man Pochita Manga Anime Tatsuki Fujimoto
(Photo: Shueisha)

When asked about how Pochita feels (as reported and translated by @soukatsu_ on Twitter), Fujimoto's response confirmed the cuddly pup was a lot rougher than you would expect from the upcoming replica plush based on the character as it feels "like a dry marimo moss ball," Fujimoto began before elaborating with the fact that it also "feels kind of like turf." So while Denji's pup certainly feels like it would be comfortable to cuddle with, it's a bit tougher.

That makes a lot of sense considering how tough the universe of Chainsaw Man is overall. Pochita is incredibly important to the series, and fans will get to see that further fleshed out when Chainsaw Man's anime finally makes its debut. Unfortunately there's no release date for the new anime just yet, but Studio MAPPA has confirmed the first additions to its staff that includes some major heavy hitters from the anime world. The voice cast for the series has yet to be revealed either.

This won't be the only new release for Chainsaw Man just yet as Fujimoto will be returning to the series with a second part in the Shonen Jump+. There's no release date or window for this newest series just yet, but fans of the franchise will have lots to look forward to fairly soon. But what do you think? Would you want to cuddle with Pochita now that we know what it feels like? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!