'Citrus' Turns The Table On Jiggle Physics With Hilarious New Gag

To say anime is guilty of some insane jiggle physics would be to put it lightly. Over the years, [...]

To say anime is guilty of some insane jiggle physics would be to put it lightly. Over the years, the medium has become known by outsiders for its exaggerated focus on breasts, but Citrus just did its best to combat that stereotype.

After all, it did knock at anime's size obsession with one genuinely funny gag.

As you can see below, Citrus got real when it showed Yuzu Aihara having a hilarious moment to herself. The high school student was seen holding her phone as she recollected seeing her step-sister Mei carry her cell in her bra. Like some girls are want to do, Mei found it easier to sandwich her phone there than to carry a bag, but Yuzu had never tried the trick for herself.

After making sure no one was staring, Yuzu attempted to stick her phone in her bra at school for safekeeping. But, in true gag fashion, things did not work out for the girl. Yuzu's chest was too flat to easily carry her phone, and the girl was left to mourn over the loss of her would-be hiding spot.

For fans, the moment was a short one, but it had long-time otakus laughing. Over the years, anime has become increasingly homogenous with how it treats breasts. Most heroines would have insane back problems because of the jugs they are given, and some of them experience downright mind-boggling jiggle physics. Highschool DxD fans know all about the medium's confusing science, but Citrus took a stand with this gag scene to highlight a very real fact.

Some girls don't have chests like Mei. Deal with it.

If you are unfamiliar with Citrus, you should know the series is an LGBTQ+ friendly one. The series debuted in November 2012 under the creator Saburouta, and it tells the story of Yuzu Aihara after her mother remarries. The girl is forced to attend a new high school where she knocks heads with her step-sister Mei, but Yuzu comes to learn her dislike towards the girl may have been a front to push away her growing attraction.

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