Cowboy Bebop's Soundtrack Hits Spotify at Last

Cowboy Bebop has become amazingly popular thanks to its eclectic cast of bounty hunters, attempting to gain some much needed cash by travelling across the galaxy, accompanied by a soundtrack that is often revered as one of the best in the medium and now is available to listen to whenever you want on Spotify! Tank!, the opening theme song for Spike Spiegel and his adventures with friends aboard the Bebop, is definitely one of the most recognizable openings for an anime series that has ever been produced.

While we highly doubt that there will ever be a sequel to the Cowboy Bebop anime series, nor should there be based on the ending of the original, that isn't stopping a new production that will have John Cho handling the role in a live action adaptation of the legendary series for Netflix. Though the production has run into a number of speed bumps across the way, with Cho getting injured on set which delayed filming and, of course, the coronavirus pandemic halting a number of productions, we aren't sure when this new version of the intergalactic bounty hunters will make landfall, but we look forward to seeing it all the same!

Twitter User ToonamiNews shared the news that the soundtrack for Cowboy Bebop had landed on the streaming service known as Spotify, giving fans the opportunity to listen to the stunning anime themes that have become thought of as the best in the medium of anime:

Cowboy Bebop first hit televisions in 1998 thanks to the animation studio of Sunrise, with songs such as "Rush", "Bad Dog No Biscuits", "Waltz For Zizi", and "Memory" just being a few of the tunes that join the aforementioned "Tank!" on the streaming platform. Much like the release date, we don't know much about what the soundtrack will be for the upcoming live action adaptation, but we are crossing our fingers that it will live up to the legacy left by its predecessor!

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