Death Note Inspires Wild Political Ads Ahead of Honduran Presidential Election

Death Note makes no bones about its political themes, but when it comes to real-world elections, fans never expected Light Yagami to interfere. This was true for years, but now a major election in Honduras has tagged Light into action. After all, the character has a new job overseas which has him fronting political ads.

The strange update comes straight from Facebook and the official page of the Honduran Democratic Youth Observatory. The organization took to social media the other day ahead of the nation's presidential election, and it posted an ad using Light Yagami.

#ElPoderEstáEnTusManos #TuVotoCuenta Si no votás, otros decidirán por vos, y de nada te servirá quejarte cuando no encuentres trabajo y oportunidades. #Honduras

Posted by Observatorio Democrático Juventud Honduras on Friday, November 12, 2021

As you can see above, the ad is fairly simple as Light is seen holding a black journal, but it is not a death note. A bit of photo editing has turned the Death Note journal into an election booklet, and the ad's text tells young voters to take their futures into their hands.

"The power is in your hands," the ad reads. "Vote!" The caption goes on to share more details as the organization warned fans that inaction produces no reactions. The ad tells voters that others will decide the country's future for them if they do not vote, leaving them with no room to complain about jobs and the like moving forward.

The Death Note ad, which was posted to Facebook, had made its way into the real world according to reports by NPR. It turns out ad space was purchased in Tegucigalpa, the capital of Honduras, ahead of the presidential election. And if you are wondering whether or not the ad worked, well – something most definitely pushed voters out on Election Day.

At this point, no official winner has been declared in the election, but the Honduran electoral council called voter turnout massive. More than 2.7 million ballots were cast which blows figures from the 2017 election out of the water. Global politics and the ongoing pandemic are all factors that likely contributed to the turnout, and who knows? Maybe Light convinced a few Death Note fans to hit the polls too!

What do you make of this wild Death Note update? Did you ever think you'd see the series used this way...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.