Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Creator Confronts Twitter Fakes and Tabloid Rumors

The creator behind Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has brought joy to millions of readers around the world, but it seems she is not exempt from the occasional bit of drama. This week marks the last which the series published in Shonen Jump as Koyoharu Gotouge brought her record-breaking story to a close. However, in a recent post, the magazine had to warn fans of the manga not to blindly believe anyone claiming to be Gotouge. That is because there are accounts cropping up impersonating her, and fans are rallying behind Gotouge in wake of the reveal.

The latest report comes from Shonen Jump itself as the magazine had to issue a warning to fans today. The account, which is run by publisher Shueisha, made the post warning fans of a fake account on Twitter pretending to be Gotouge. The account has since been deleted, but the profile @GotogeKoyoharu seems to have been the fake profile judging by those who tweeted at the user.

Fans were not the only ones duped into tweeting at the profile believing it to be Gotouge. LiSA, who performed the opening theme song for Demon Slayer was tricked as well. The Japanese singer tweeted at the account celebrating that Gotouge had gotten a profile for herself, but it was deleted shortly after. LiSA has since shared the warning sent by Shonen Jump with a crying emoji, so it seems the singer knows they were tricked.

Unfortunately, this is not the last bit of drama which Gotouge has dealt with. The creator's personal life was violated recently when a tabloid claimed to have a reliable source willing to share details on Gotouge. The artist, who has done her best to remain out of the spotlight, has dealt with information leaks since Demon Slayer's sales began to skyrocket. However, this tabloid tease was seen as particularly offensive amongst her fans.

With Demon Slayer finished, fans are hoping Gotouge can go back to her normal life without fear of being impersonated or investigated. The creator deserves a break after the last year of craziness, so here's to hoping she gets some relaxation time despite the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.


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