Demon Slayer Overtakes Dragon Ball with Lofty Manga Record

Demon Slayer has become one of the biggest franchises the world over, and it is continuing to up [...]

Demon Slayer has become one of the biggest franchises the world over, and it is continuing to up its reputation. From its anime to its merchandise deals, the fantastical story has become a hit like none other before it. And now, a new report has revealed which manga record the series just overtook.

The record in question is a unique one as Dragon Ball was topping the list before Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba came along. The accolade has to do with the number of copies a manga sales per volume. When the totals for Shonen Jump's series were run, Demon Slayer came out on top recently, and it did so for both worldwide and Japanese audiences.

According to Shonen Saito, Demon Slayer took first place with 6.52 copies sold per volume in both markets. Dragon Ball hit second place with 6.19 globally and 4.29 in Japan. This gap continued with Slam Dunk as the sports manga sold 5.48 worldwide and just 3.91 in Japan. Things normalized in fifth with One Piece as the pirate series did 4.90 worldwide and 4.08 in Japan.

When you look at this list, a ton of familiar series will pop out to you. Everything from Naruto to Bleach to even Saint Seiya is listed here. The top 50 even includes Chainsawman, Black Clover, and more. However, there can only be one series in first place, and that is Demon Slayer.

Still, the manga has a long ways to go before it can top the ultimate manga record. The highest-selling manga to date is none other than One Piece with over 480 million copies sold. This overall number competes with Batman's sales, and there are several other manga like Naruto standing in Tanjiro's trek to the top. Currently, Demon Slayer is tenth on this endgame list as it has sold at least 150 million copies to date.

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