Demon Slayer Cosplay Unleashes The Demonic Side of Nezuko

The attack that took the majority of Tanjiro's family from him in the white hot anime property called Demon Slayer didn't kill his sister, Nezuko, but it did infect her with a demonic presence that she has been struggling with ever since and one fan has perfectly conveyed the supernatural force via some amazing cosplay! Though she still appears to be a young girl, her demonic force that resides within herself assists Tanjiro on his journey to get revenge for their departed family and gives her a serious power buff while eliminating a large part of her humanity!

Nezuko is an adorable addition to the anime of Demon Slayer, travelling around with her brother via a travel case that he keeps strapped to his shoulders as he wanders the countryside and receives missions from the bird that was given to him by the demon slayer corps! While one part of the mission is to definitely avenge their family, Tanjiro is also searching for a cure for his sister's demonic blood, attempting to find a way to restore her. Until that time that Nezuko is able to be human once more, she uses her claws, fangs, and insane power levels to help her brother on his journey.

Instagram Cosplayer Faritio.Ri shared this inspired Demon Slayer cosplay that shows off the demonic form of Nezuko during the tenure of the popular anime franchise that has skyrocketed among fans since its television series debuted last year:

Nezuko has become a fan favorite among fans of the franchise, mixing a combination of cuteness and outright terror when she is able to change from her regular child-like form to that of a bloodthirsty demon!

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