Demon Slayer Brings Out Inosuke's Best in His Fight with Daki: Watch

Demon Slayer has seen the youngest members of the Demon Slayer Corps tangling with some of the strongest demons that they've ever encountered to date, and though each swordsman has gotten a moment to shine, Inosuke claimed the MVP spot in this latest episode. With Tengen Uzui having his hands full with Gyutaro, Inosuke and his friends Tanjiro and Inosuke found themselves attempting to take down the villainess Daki, as the Entertainment District Arc continues to ramp up the stakes.

Inosuke might have a temper that is often too hot for even his friends to handle, but he's grown a lot since he first appeared in the initial season of the Shonen anime series. The pig-headed brawler still is having some trouble when it comes to taking in the marvels of the modern world in the universe created by Koyoharu Gotouge, but he has truly become a trusted ally to the likes of Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Nezuko. Though Inosuke has run into a number of battles in which he was unable to claim victory, he has grown much stronger and was able to decapitate Daki for a second time, to disastrous results. 

One Twitter User was able to capture a clip from the latest episode of Demon Slayer, showing off how Inosuke was able to take the lead in separating Daki's head from her shoulders, but unfortunately unable to escape the fray unscathed as Gyutaro appeared in the final moments to ram a poisoned scythe through Inosuke's heart:

There are only a few episodes left until the second season of Demon Slayer comes to an end, with the cliffhanger for the latest episode throwing even more terror toward Tanjiro as it's revealed that Tengen Uzui has lost an arm in his battle against Gyutaro. With both Inoskue and Zenitsu down and Tanjiro suffering from injuries of his own, things are looking bleak for the Demon Slayer Corps as Gyutaro has reclaimed the head of his sister and plunged a scythe through Inosuke in the process.

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