Demon Slayer Reveals Tanjiro's Darkest Scene Yet

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has revealed Tanjiro Kamado's darkest and most intense scene in the anime yet with the newest episode! After a slight delay, the second season of the series is now back in full swing as the anime continues to retell the events of the Mugen Train arc first seen in the Mugen Train feature film. This has led to several major cliffhangers in the first few episodes already, and Tanjiro is getting more intense than ever as he figured out that he was trapped within a dream and did the unthinkable to get himself out. 

This has been a particularly emotional mission for Tanjiro already as far even before he clashed with a new demon, he went through a ton of emotional distress as he was reunited within his family in the midst of a dream. Figuring out that this was all due to a demonic power Tanjiro had to free himself and not only coldly say goodbye to his family, but must carry that with him in the fight forward. It's why Enmu ultimately leads to Tanjiro's darkest scene in the series yet as all of this builds to a peak. 

(Photo: ufotable)

Episode 4 of the series picks up right after Tanjiro is able to wake himself from his dream (by taking his own life in it), and he soon comes face to face with the deadly Demon Enmu. As the two of them begin their fight, Enmu continuously puts Tanjiro to sleep with his spell. Tanjiro continues to fight despite being hit by hit, and Enmu thinks it's not working but what actually happens is Tanjiro takes his life every time he's put to sleep and thus wakes back up immediately. This leads to a more frayed Tanjiro than ever. 

One particular scene sees Enmu placing Tanjiro within a terrible dream. His family is covered in blood, and each of them berates him over the fact he's the only one who was left alive. But instead of breaking Tanjiro's spirit, he instead feels such a rage over the misrepresentation of his family that this drives him to face off Enmu even harder. It's the most intense we have seen Tanjiro during a fight, and it goes to show just how much this ride on the Mugen Train has already harmed his heart and mind. 

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