More Kids Admire Demon Slayer's Tanjiro than Their Parents, Says New Poll

When it comes to kids, there are millions of things for them to latch on to as they grow up. It is impossible to count the number of role models out there for children, but there are some who have seen their popularity increased tenfold in the last year. And according to a new poll, it sounds like Demon Slayer's star has become so popular with kids that he is pushing parents out of the equation.

Recently, a survey was done in Japan by Benesse, an education and publishing company. It was there more than 7,600 students from third to sixth grade were asked what they liked best this year. Kids were even polled on their most-admired people, and more students said they admired Tanjiro above their mom or dad.

Demon Slayer Final Cover Art Volume 23 Kimetsu no Yaiba
(Photo: Shueisha)

The poll says about 30% of kids said Demon Slayer was the best part of 2020 for them. Of course, that means a good chunk of students admitted they admired Tanjiro. In fact, the top ten list is completely dominated by characters from Demon Slayer. The only exceptions came courtesy of the students' mothers, fathers, and teachers.

After all, we said moms came in at number two on the list, but dads ranked in fifth place. They were even beaten out by teachers who ranked in fourth. As for second place, Shinobu Kocho secured the spot, and Demon Slayer characters took over the rest of the list from six onwards.

Clearly, Demon Slayer is a big deal, and Tanjiro isn't someone you want to scoff at so easily. The hero leads a franchise that is currently the biggest in Japan. The manga has sold over 82 million copies in the last year alone. Demon Slayer has broken just about every sales record there is overseas, and that isn't even to mention its anime. Most recently, the series put out its first anime film, and Demon Slayer is expected to become the top-grossing movie in Japan ever as it nears the record set long ago by Spirited Away.


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