Digimon Adventure Introduces New Digimon to the Anime

Digimon Adventure has returned from its COVID-19 hiatus, and with it has brought brand new Digimon never seen in the anime before! The reboot series has given us a much different Digital World than fans of the original series might be used to. There may be some small thematic similarities between this new version and the Digital World we first saw over 20 years ago, but there's more emphasis on providing a fresh experience for new fans as well as the ones watching for nostalgic reasons. This means some new Digimon faces.

Although they have existed in the Digimon universe for quite some time, Episode 4 of the series officially brought Brachimon, Stegomon, and Coelamon into the anime for the first real time. Outside of Coelamon, which has appeared in a few of the seasons throughout the franchise in the past, the two dino Digimon are completely fresh faces.

Episode 4 of the series follows Tai and Agumon as they join up with Sora and Biyomon while they take their first real steps into the new Digital World. It's here Tai is surprised to see so many strong looking Digimon, and the two of them quickly pass by a group of Stegomon and a lone Brachimon that Agumon describes as "strong."

Digimon Adventure Brachimon
(Photo: Toei Animation)

After making their way through the jungle, they come across a river when they are attacked by an angry Snimon. Their troubles are far from over in the river as Coelamon suddenly appears and attacks. This is the first time in the anime a Coelamon has been used as an antagonist. The Digimon has appeared in Digimon Adventure 02 as Derek's evolved Crabmon, but it's rarely been an outright enemy despite its many appearances in the video games.

There were a few other Digimon that made appearances, but each of them had popped up in the original series. But then again, these direct ties to the original series will soon give way to completely original stories as the new anime continues. But what did you think?


What did you think of these new Digimon faces? Excited to see more unseen Digimon finally get their anime debut? Which Digimon are you most hoping to see as the series continues into completely new territory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!