Digimon Adventure Debuts New Ending Theme: Watch

Digimon Adventure has debuted a new ending theme! The new series rebooting the adventure from the original series 21 years ago is now reaching a new arc as the DigiDestined fight off against Millenniumon's forces, and this means we have gotten a new ending theme to enjoy. While the opening theme of the series remains the same, and will likely to continue to be the same for the duration of the series, the ending theme sequences have been going through quite a few shake ups. In fact, this newest one marks the fourth ending theme sequence for the series overall.

Episode 39 of the new Digimon Adventure series has debuted a new ending theme! Titled "Overseas Highway" as performed by Wolpis Carter and Orangestar, this is the fourth ending sequence for the series overall. Like the previous ending theme sequences, it's a much distant cry from the intense action of the series itself as it imagines the DigiDestined spending much more peaceful days with their respective partner Digimon. Check it out:

The new Digimon Adventure series is currently in the midst of a streak of episodes where the DigiDestined are exploring the less intense side of the Digital World. The series has been evolving at a break neck pace ever since it first debut, and has seen each of the Digimon partners reach their respective Ultimate forms. There have even been a few new Mega Evolutions thrown into the mix, but those have been relegated to Tai and Agumon alone.

There's the promise that the rest of the DigiDestined will be reaching their respective Mega forms as well as the series continues, but its recent streak of episodes make it seem like we're currently enjoying the calm before the storm to come as the war between the Dark and Holy Digimon truly kicks in. But the series is still building these blocks together for the massive fight to come.


But what do you think? What do you think of this newest ending for Digimon Adventure? How are you liking the new take on the franchise so far? What are you hoping to see before it's all over? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!