Digimon Goes Viral for Hilariously Awkward Promo Still

Digimon has gone viral for one particularly awkward promo still from the next episode of the series! Digimon Adventure's new anime series is currently following the DigiDestined as they keep making their way through the Eternal Continent, and like the Dark Continent from before, this new island is full of powerful dark Digimon. It appears that the threats are only getting more intense from now on as the next episode of the series turns its attention to Yamato and Gabumon as they come across a new threat that they have to face on their own.

It seems that threat is going to be taking an awkward turn, with the preview for Episode 38 of the series teasing that Gabumon's going to be sacrificed in some dark ritual. One image from the episode in particular has gone viral as it sees Gabumon being essentially crucified. This isn't the first time the Digimon franchise has evoked this kind of imagery, but there's something especially hilarious and awkward with seeing the fuzzy Gabumon in that spot.

Episode 38 of the series is titled "The Blazing Blue Friendship" and the episode begins its description as such, "Mephismon sacrifices weak Digimon to Millenniumon by controlling a strange spell. Gabumon tries to stop the violence, but gets captured by the enemy. Yamato, who hasn't joined up with Taichi and co. yet, carries out an operation to rescue Gabumon with Joe and Gomamon, who just happen to show up."

The description continues with, "There is only one way to save Gabumon, who is being held captive at the top of a precipitous cliff, and that is for Yamato to climb the perilous cliff alone. He is exposed to spell attacks from Salamandamon and Mephismon, who are watching over the cliff. What moves him is the memories of when he first met Gabumon."

Digimon's anime has never been shy about plunging into darker depths and imagery, but it seems we'll be seeing a new kind of darkness with this next release. But what do you think? How are you liking the new Digimon Adventure series so far? What do you hope to see before it comes to an end? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!