Digimon Adventure Promo Teases a Wild Chase

Digimon Adventure's next episode promo teases a wild chase! Each new episode of the Digimon Adventure reboot series has seen Tai and the other DigiDestined go on high-octane adventures as this new series is generally far more agressive than fans of the more laid-back original were expecting. Now that they are currently making their way through a new continent, the threats have only gotten more severe as it seems there will be no reprieve from battle for these new DigiDestined. Because while Tai, Sora and Takeru seemed to have a way to safely travel, that safety is completely gone.

Episode 32 of Digimon Adventure is titled "Soaring Hope" and the promo for the episode reveals a wild new chase as the new ally, Komondomon, is attacking by a group of powerful new Digimon. You can check it out in the video above! The synopsis for the episode (as translated by @Wikimon_news on Twitter) begins to describe it as such:

"Takeru and Patamon, who are being chased by a lone Fangmon, and flee across a vast grassy plain, are rescued by Taichi and co., who joined up on Komondomon," the synopsis teases, "Patamon is exhausted due to his battle with Dark Knightmon, and says that he can't evolve to Angemon. However, the enormous Cerberumon, accompanied by two Fangmon, attacks them as they set off again on Komondomon."

The synopsis then continues further with a tease of the harsh battle to come, "Exposed to the Fangmon’s swift-moving attacks and the tremendously powerful Hellfire emitted by Cerberumon, Taichi and co. try to shake them off by making Komondomon roar noisily around, and while both Metal Greymon and Garudamon fight against the enemy despite lacking effective measures, they are gradually driven into a desperate situation. Then, Takeru and Patamon...!"


With Digimon Adventure introducing the next major threat to the DigiDestined this time around (alongside some big debuts that are expected down the line), the series is going to get into a higher level of battles moving forward. Tai and Agumon managed to break through the Mega evolution level ceiling, so there's no telling how the rest of the series' battles will shake out!

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