Digimon Adventure Debuts Gabumon's New Evolution Sequence

Digimon Adventure's big 20th Anniversary reboot has introduced fans new and old to an updated version of the DigiDestined, and now the newest episode of the series has debuted a brand new take on Gabumon's classic evolution sequence seen in the original series from over two decades ago. The reboot has been changing quite a bit from how the original series progressed, but those updates also come with slick new looks fitting a 2020 anime series. After surprising with an updated version of Agumon's evolution sequence, the newest episode has finally brought Matt into the DigiDestined crew officially with Gabumon's full sequence.

While fans were expecting to see updated evolution sequences for the other DigiDestined before this one, it seems they have been held back until we got to see Gabumon's new sequence in motion. The newest episode of the reboot sees Tai and the others come across a mysterious fortress guarded by a ton of powerful Digimon. Upon being attacked, Tai is reunited with Matt (who meets the other DigiDestined kids for the first time) and they devise a way through the fortress' gates.

It's here that Gabumon evolves with the same slick updated sequence that Agumon gets when he evolves into Greymon. This is not a courtesy given to the other evolutions for some strange reason, so Gabumon and Agumon might be the only ones we see with this new sequence given how the rest of the new series has been fairly Tai and Matt heavy so far. You can check out the new sequence below:

Now that Matt has officially joined the new DigiDestined crew (and Izzy is still in the Internet level of this new world), the entire DigiDestined crew has officially come together for this new series. Fans of the original will note how they are still missing one major addition for this first group (and one coming much later), so we'll see how this new series continues to unfold in its unexpected ways!

What do you think of Gabumon's new evolution sequence? Do you think Digimon Adventure's reboot will give the other DigiDestined full evolution sequences like this or is it just for Tai and Matt? Which evolution do you want to see next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!