Digimon Adventure's New Movie Explains Why DigiDestined Bonds Break

Digimon fans never imagined a day would come when Taichi and Agumon would have to part, but that time has come. The arrival of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna left a great many fans broken following its recent U.S. release. Netizens watched as their heroes put their Digimon bonds to the test to save the world, and along the way, we learned why the DigiDestined could not stay bonded with their partners forever.

The movie puts things simply enough as it tells Taichi why Agumon cannot be with him forever. It is explained that Digimon are forced to move on to new partners so they can retain their strength. Children are the store place of energy for Digimon, and the monsters feed on that energy to save the Digital and Real World.

However, as the children get older, the energy they have dwindles. Digimon Adventure says the DigiDestined lose their potential as they grow older and make more concrete decisions about their future. This in turn weakens their Digimon until they can no longer sustain themselves. The bond is broken automatically, leaving the partners to bid farewell for good.

digimon adventure movie
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Of course, this reveal is a horribly upsetting one, and it made many watch this new movie through teary eyes. Digimon built itself around the relationships its DigiDestined had their partners. Agumon, Gabumon, and everyone else were made better thanks to their human friends. And of course, the opposite is true too.


Digimon's latest film ends with Taichi and Matt separated from their friends as fans feared. Their futures firmed up to the point that left their digital monsters no room to roam free. Still, the pair are certain they will run into their old friends one day. And for the sake of fans, Agumon and Gabumon better make a comeback ASAP.

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