Digimon Adventure Reboot Ditches Iconic Theme Song in New Opening

The Digimon do NOT appear to be the "Champions" in this brand new opening cinematic for the reboot of the classic digital monster anime series of Digimon Adventure! While the original English introduction for Digimon has become an ear worm since its inception, it's understandable why the brand new reboot of the franchise decided to go its own route. While many things have changed in the brand new take on the adventures of the "Digi-destined", much remains the same as we follow the fresh journeys of the children who were transported into the digital world and given monsters of their own!

There were plenty of surprises for fans with the recently released first episode of the Digimon Adventure reboot, introducing us to a new world filled with familiar characters. Tai and his fellow Digi-Destined look strikingly similar, if not nearly identical, to how they first looked when Digimon Adventure first aired though the world they now interact with looks far different from what they first encountered. These new versions of familiar characters are in a Digimon world that is ripped straight from the landscapes of the game series of Digimon: Cyber Sleuth, making the world of digital monsters look far more like an internet/technologically based environment versus what came before!

Twitter User Kirari_Star shared the new opening via their Twitter Account, giving us a better idea of what the world of the rebooted Digimon anime looks like as well as giving us looks at the familiar cast of characters that consist of the Digi-Destined:

Ironically enough, the next chapter of the "Old" Digi-Destined is slated to be released soon in Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna which will further follow the journeys of the previous cast of characters who have aged alongside a series of feature length films that followed the original anime. While no word yet has been given about the rebooted series being brought to the West and given an English Dub, the previous voice actors have actually let fans know via social media that they would be more than willing to jump back into their roles as the saviors of the digital world!


You can currently catch the first episode of the reboot on Crunchyroll!

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