Digimon Unveils a New Digivice Which Fans Can Buy Soon

Digimon fans love a good sale, so you know they won't be able to resist this brand-new Digivice once it goes to market. Over in Japan, the anime is having a big comeback thanks to its latest movie, and the film does introduce a new kind of Digivice. Naturally, fans are clamoring to get their hands on the tech for real, and Premium Bandai has been kind enough to grant those requests.

Recently, the company confirmed it will begin selling a new Digivice as part of its Complete Selection Animation line. The scale Digivice is unlike any seen before thanks to its distressed detailing and archaic symbols. The piece will be a keeper for any collector, and it will have enough effects to warrant its price tag.

After all, the Digivice comes loaded with various lighting effects and has recorded dialogue from Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna stored inside. Sure, it may not be functional with any of Digimon's games, but the prop piece does have an animation screen as well as two pre-loaded theme songs from Digimon. And yes - "Butter-Fly" is one of the two jams!

digimon digivice
(Photo: Premium Bandai)

Currently, this Digivice can be bought as a set bundle. The package will give fans a card pack for the upcoming Digimon Carddass game debuting in April 2020. However, this Digivice will not begin shipping out until this summer. Premium Bandai expects to ship out the device in June 2020, and you will be able to pre-order the item up until March 23.


Thankfully, fans will not be starved of Digimon until this summer. The anime has released its latest movie in Japan, and it will bring Last Evolution Kizuna to U.S. theaters for a limited time. The film will hit the North American market on March 25, so fans can mark their calendars now! They will want to go ahead and save up for the collectible, though. The Digivice will cost about $75 USD before tax and shipping fees are factored in. No one ever said these devices were cheap, but guys like Taichi know money is little object when it comes to the Digital World. And if this Digivice were to magically summon Agumon, well - we are sure fans would pay just about anything to get their hands on it!

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