Digimon and Sanrio Announce New Collaboration

Hello Kitty has really been making the rounds lately by crossing over with a number of anime franchises such as battling the mech suits of Mobile Suit: Gundam and jumping in front of the scientists of Stein's Gate, it seems that the Sanrio star and her friends will be crossing into the digital world of Digimon: Digital Monsters. Earlier this year, a reboot for Digimon: Adventure gave us a new take on the adventures of the Digi-Destined and their respective digital monsters, so now is definitely a fantastic time for a collaboration between the two juggernauts of anime.

Digimon is certainly nothing to sneeze at when it comes to selling related merchandise related to the anime series that has made its mark in the world of video games and other avenues, but it's hard to compete with the insanity of sales that flies toward Sanrio thanks in part to its creation of Hello Kitty and the rest of its cast of colorful characters. With Digimon: Adventure currently airing, Hello Kitty is looking to release a new anime series, The World of Hello Kitty, in the near future that will once again visit the adventures of the albino cat that has become such a sales juggernaut the world over.

Twitter User AitaiKiMochi shared the first pieces of art from the collaboration from Digimon and Sanrio that will go by the banner of "Enjoy Summer!", fusing the characters of the digital world with the large collection of jovial characters from the company that produces merchandise related to Hello Kitty and her crew:

The products that will combine these two anime worlds will drop in the Chara Shop in Ikebukuro in Japan, will only be available for two weeks later this summer in August, from the 14th to the 31st. While we aren't sure if there will be an accompanying anime project that sees these two universes unite, we certainly wouldn't mind seeing this crazy crossover presented in this way!


What do you think of this off the beaten path crossover between the digital monsters and the animals of Sanrio? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics and anime!