Dr. Stone Season 2 Reportedly Snags New Cast Members

2021 is going to be a big year for anime, with a number of returning series hitting the ground floor running throughout the spring season, as Dr. Stone is looking to return with its second season that reportedly will be bringing some brand new voice actors into the mix. With the second season holding the subtitle of Stone Wars, hinting that the battle between protagonist Senku and the antagonist of Shishio, will be getting hot and heavy, fans can't wait to see where this Stone World will be headed for the next installment of the popular anime franchise!

In the first season, we were introduced to Senko and Taiju, two best friends who definitely fulfilled the components of "brains and brawn". When the citizens of the world were imprisoned within individual "stone prisons", a layer of stone that kept people locked into place for thousands of years, Senku and Taiju set to work on bringing back their world and restore humanity to its fullest. With Shishio, the villain believes that the world should no longer be under the "tyranny" of the older generations and that all adults should be either left inside of their stone prisons or murdered entirely so as not to "infect their world".

Twitter User Spytrue shared the blurb that shows off some of the new voice actors that will be coming to life in the second season of Dr. Stone, filling out the cast members that will wage war within the upcoming story line that goes by the title of "Stone Wars":

Dr. Stone might not a "fighting anime" in the same sense as My Hero Academia, One Piece, and Dragon Ball Super, but the battles of brains vs brawn have been just as compelling as the mad scientist Senku has been working toward bringing humanity back to life. With one of the biggest revelations of the first season that humanity was continuing via villages that were somewhat similar to the prehistoric days, more mysteries are sure to be revealed in the popular anime's upcoming second season!

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