Dr. Stone Reveals Season 2 Opening, Ending Theme Details

Dr. Stone has revealed new details for its opening and ending theme in the upcoming second season. Announced to be in the works after the first season of the anime came to an end last December, the second season of the series is currently on track for a release next January as part of the Winter 2021 wave of new anime. There have been a few promos released for the series here and there over the last year, but soon we'll be getting more concrete information about the new season since it's so close to its full debut.

With Dr. Stone being one of the many Shonen Jump anime adaptations being honored during the upcoming Jump Festa 2021 later this December, the series has begun revealing new information such as its opening and ending themes. As revealed through the series' Twitter account, the new opening theme for the series will be titled "Rakuen," as performed by Fujifabric and the new ending theme series is titled "Koe?" as performed by Hatena.

Dr. Stone Season 2 will be making its debut in January, but has yet to lock down a concrete release date as of this writing. When it does premiere, it will be available for streaming with Crunchyroll and Funimation has announced they will be releasing a SimulDub for the second season at a later date. The second season of the series will be tackling the Stone Wars arc.

This arc pits Senku's Kingdom of Science against the Tsukasa Empire, and as we had seen in the final few episodes of the first season, the battle will see the two communities use all of the tricks and skills they can muster in order to conquer or defeat the other. It's a real battle of minds that had been teased through the first season, so it's bound to be an exciting season!

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