Dr. Stone Season Two Reveals Release Window With New Trailer

Dr. Stone is the story of a "Stone World", capturing the idea of humanity being trapped inside of stone prisons for thousands of years, and the second season that continues the journey of the young mad scientist named Senku has released a new trailer as well as a release window for when we can expect the anime's return. The second season, titled "Stone Wars" will continue Senku's battle against Shishio, the insanely powerful teenager who is looking to create a world free of the influence of adults, and willing to murder anyone that gets in his way.

The first season opened a brand new world that is unlike anything else we've seen in the medium of anime, freezing humanity as if they were statues, and following Senku breaking free of his stone imprisonment. Freeing his best friend Taiju, a headstrong burly brute, as well, the young genius has been working to recreate the society that they lost thousands of years prior when humanity was locked in stone. The end of the first season saw Senku discovering an encampment of human beings in "the village" that opened up the world and revealed new secrets to how the world has operated during humanity's lost years.

The trailer for the second season was released on the official Dr. Stone Twitter Account, sharing some old and new characters that will be a part of the "Stone Wars", announcing that the new adventures will be dropping in January of next year, 2021:

With Dr. Stone being one of the most popular anime arrivals of 2019, we're crossing our fingers that the series will be able to maintain its momentum when the second season drops early next year!

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