Dr. Stone to Share Season 2 Update Soon

Dr. Stone's first season introduced anime fans to a world that was covered in stone, with humanity being trapped for thousands of years in "stone prisons" with the young man Senku Ishigami, a brilliant high school scientist, who is attempting to bring mankind back to life and it seems as if the franchise is getting ready to drop some big news about its second season. Immediately following the season one finale, the anime was confirmed for a second season, though we have yet to know exactly when the next adventures of this "Stone World" will release.

The opening salvo for Dr. Stone saw the world succumbing to a mysterious incident that trapped every human being within a coat of stone, with Senku being one of the first civilians to apparently wake up from his imprisonment. Using his scientific know-how to free his friend Taiju, his burly best friend who thinks far more often with his fists than his head, the pair of buddies have run into trouble with the series' antagonist, Shishio, who wants to recreate the world free of adults. As Senku and Taiju butt heads with Shishio, the friends discover a village that reveals that there may be far more freed humans from the stone curse than they had originally believed!

Twitter User SpyTrue shared a notification from Weekly Shonen Jump that gives us the news that Dr. Stone's second season might be letting fans know just when the anime adventures of Senku and Taiju in the Stone World might be returning to the medium for audiences to jump back in:

The first season ended with Senku breaking ranks with Taiju, discovering a village that presented some big new mysteries in the world of Dr. Stone, along with a multitude of new characters who have been working to make their way through this strange new planet. With the manga continuing to run and move forward with the story, there is definitely plenty of material for the anime's second season to pull from.

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