Dr. Stone Announces Plans to Release a Special Oneshot

Dr. Stone might have brought its manga to an end earlier this year, but that isn't stopping the creators from diving back into the popular world of the Stone Prison. While fans will have to wait until next year to once again dive into the anime adaptation, this summer is set to see a special anime one-shot focusing on the biggest swashbuckler of the series, and the creators of Dr. Stone are producing a special one-shot in celebration of it. 

For those who might not be familiar with the character named Ryusui, he was freed by Senku from his stone prison during the "Age of Exploration Arc," in which his sailing expertise was needed to help the Kingdom of Science with a serious problem on their hands. Effectively being the "pirate" of the series, Ryusui has added an interesting foil to Dr. Stone, especially when it comes to his relationship with Senku, which can often see the Captain holding the mad scientist to task when it comes to his more manipulative nature. Needless to say, expect this sea captain of the stone world to play a major role in the upcoming third season of Dr. Stone's anime. 

WSJ_Manga shared the news that a special manga chapter was in the works to coincide with the arrival of Dr. Stone's anime special landing this summer which will focus on the sea-faring ally to Senku, with the series already confirming that fans can expect season three to arrive next year in 2023.

Ryusui isn't the only anime pirate that the artist behind the scientific series, Boichi, has worked on, with the mangaka recently taking a crack at the world of One Piece with a story that took place in the earlier days of Ace, the brother of Luffy that died during the Marineford Arc. One Piece: Ace's Story showed off not just Boichi's amazing artistic talent within the world of the Grand Line, but also gave us more insight into how Ace operated when he was sailing the seas that made Devil Fruit a household name for anime fans.

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Via WSJ_Manga