Dr. Stone Writer Announces Launch of New Series

Dr Stone is set to return for its anime's second season, introducing fans to the "Stone Wars" that will pit Senku and Shishio, but even with the franchise's popularity, the creator of the series in Riichiro Inagaki is looking to start a brand new manga series! Collaborating with another manga legend, details about "Trillion Game" have yet to be revealed but based on the popularity of Dr. Stone we could definitely see this series becoming a new hit within the medium of manga!

Dr. Stone has become one of the biggest new anime series, following the adventure of Senku and his buddy Taiju as they attempt to bring back society from the brink following everyone on the planet being encased in stone for thousands of years. With human society being a thing of the past, Senku is attempting to use his genius to rebuild the world but must face down the efforts of Shishio, the villain of the story that is attempting to create a world where the youth is not beholden to the older generations! With "Stone Wars", the subtitle for the second season of the anime, opening up the world, 2021 is looking to be a big year for Dr. Stone and clearly, will be a big year for the creator of the franchise in Ikegami Ryoichi.

Twitter User Manga Mogura revealed that the creator of Dr. Stone would be teaming up with artist Ikegami Ryoichi, of Crying Freeman fame, to unleash a brand new manga series dubbed "Trillion Game" that will be released later this year in the publication of Big Comic Superior:

An anime adaptation isn't totally guaranteed for every manga released, as there are countless series that never made the leap to the world of animation. "Trillion Game" might not be a certainty to eventually receive its own adaptation, but based on the pedigrees of both the writer and the artist, we definitely wouldn't be surprised to eventually see it brought into the medium!

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