Dragon Ball Might Be Hiding a Being Higher Up than the Omni-King

Dragon Ball has been tip-toeing around some of the deeper mysteries of its hierarchy of divine beings, pretty much since the Dragon Ball Super series began. Indeed, most fans have gone so far as to suspect that Dragon Ball Super's deeper storyline has been all about Saiyans Goku and Vegeta surpassing the level of mortal fighters, which will inevitably bring them into direct conflict with the divine masters of the Omniverse. Now, thanks to the latest Dragon Ball Super chapters, we may have first hints that there is a being (or beings) who are higher in the divine hierarchy than the Omni-King Grand Zeno!

Warning Dragon Ball Super Manga SPOILERS Follow!

The current Dragon Ball Super storyline, "Galactic Patrol Prisoner" has seen the series' most fearsome villain, Moro, terrorize the galaxy. Moro has sucked the life out of entire planets and people, leaving a trail of death and destruction stretching from New Namek to the battlefield of Earth. Goku and Vegeta both surpassed their limits to unlock new powers that help them stand against Moro - and both ultimately failed in the attempt. Thanks to a last-minute fusion, Moro has gained the ultimate power-up, and left Goku, Vegeta, and the rest of the Z-Fighters beat down and clinging to life!

Only the intervention of the angel-in-training Merus saved Earth from destruction, but Merus also had to pay a steep price for using his angelic powers to save the day, and violating angelic law: he was erased from existence. That action has once again raised a lot of questions about what kind of divine laws govern existence in the Dragon Ball multiverse - and who ultimately issues those commands. The angels that assist the Kais and Destroyer Gods have a noticeably different set of rules governing them - and the more we see of those rules, the more it seems like there's another being - aside from the Omni-King - that could be running things.

Dragon Ball Super Sets Up Goku vs Grand Priest Merus Death Manga 63

For instance: In the Tournament of Power any universe that was eliminated from the competition had their mortal inhabitants, Kais, and Destroyers all erased from existence by Grand Zeno - and yet the angels sanctioned to those universes always remained behind. This latest incident with Merus is the first time that we've seen an angel actually killed (or at least wiped from existence), and the process seems noticeable different than Grand Zeno's erasure powers. For one thing, the Omni-King was not present to actually erase Merus - and Merus didn't vanish in the kind of bright flash/warping effect that Zeno uses. The angel-turned-Galactic Patrolman simply faded away after violating the Angelic Laws to flagrantly on the mortal plane. It is a (small) but considerable hint that something or someone else holds the power that governs the angels.


As a caveat, let's say sure: Grand Zeno could've simply established Angelic Law as an autonomous process, that doesn't require his active influence. Or, it could be the angels' "Father," Grand Priest, that governs his "children." Either way, with Merus' death Akira Toriyama is opening some interesting new doors that Goku and Co will have to further explore.

Dragon Ball anime is still on hiatus. You can read new manga chapters free online HERE.