Goku Meets Thanos In Clever 'Dragon Ball' Crossover

If there is one thing Goku loves to do, it is fight people. The Saiyan might be a surprisingly [...]

If there is one thing Goku loves to do, it is fight people. The Saiyan might be a surprisingly gentle guy, but he's never too tired to take on someone if they're power levels are high. So, naturally, fans have pitted Goku against Thanos thanks to the Mad Titan's recent MCU spotlight.

However, there is another crossover possible between the two characters, and one fan finally brought it to life.

Over on social media, new fan-art of Goku and Thanos has got fans buzzing. As you can see below, the image imagines a world where Goku was picked up by Thanos rather than Gamora, and the idea has prompted all kinds of head-canons.

The fan-art shows Thanos walking away with Kid Goku amongst plenty of rubble. The nondescript setting could place the pair on Earth as easily as Planet Vegeta, and Grandpa Gohan is nowhere in sight. Without that guy around, there is no one ready to raise Goku into the gullible Saiyan fans have come to love. However, if Thanos should take on the job, then Goku could grow up to be way more like Vegeta than he'd like.

Later this year, Dragon Ball Super will take one Avengers: Infinity War's box office legacy when its own film hits theaters. Funimation will be bringing the film to theaters in the United States in January once it goes live in Japan in December. The film is described as such:

"This is the story of a new Saiyan. Earth is peaceful following the Tournament of Power. Realizing that the universes still hold many more strong people yet to see, Goku spends all his days training to reach even greater heights. Then one day, Goku and Vegeta are faced by a Saiyan called 'Broly' who they've never seen before. The Saiyans were supposed to have been almost completely wiped out in the destruction of Planet Vegeta, so what's this one doing on Earth? This encounter between the three Saiyans who have followed completely different destinies turns into a stupendous battle, with even Freeza (back from Hell) getting caught up in the mix."

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