Dragon Ball Cosplay Turns Chi-Chi Into a Fierce Fighter

Dragon Ball has never been shy about its interest in Goku, and the hero has become the de facto lead of the franchise with little competition. Sure, characters like Vegeta and Gohan have spiced up the series, but Goku is number one. This is the same in his marriage as Dragon Ball unfortunately sidelined Chi-Chi to turn her into a stereotypical housewife. But thanks to one fan, they have imagined a new role for Chi-Chi with a cosplay that turns her into a fierce fighter on par with her husband.

Chi-Chi might be more focused on raising her sons to be smart and skilled in their schooling, but what would it look like if she were to spar with the two of them as well when Goku was away? Artist Lara Wegenear (who you can find more work from on Instagram here and on Twitter here) crafted an idea of what this would look like with a cool take on Goku's gi for Chi-Chi! Check it out below:

Although she was one of the key characters during Akira Toriyama's first iteration of the franchise, Chi-Chi has notably taken a back seat role from Dragon Ball Z on. This was most likely for the best as the scope of the fights quickly surpassed anything she could feasibly keep up with considering how other fighters such as Krillin or Tien had trouble sticking around. But there's also a tragic nature to her character.

While Goku goes off into space to fight for the fate of the Earth, his universe, and more, Chi-Chi is often the one who is kept in the dark until the very last moment. In this way, she and the rest of Goku's family provide a much needed anchor for him as he continues to grow into godly new levels of power. Whether he pays attention to this anchor is always one of Goku's flawed struggles, but she always remains a stone herself regardless.

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