This Viral Dragon Ball Z Post Finally Stands Up for Chi-Chi

#Chichi #DBZ— ElisaJ (@ElisaJGCC) February 25, 2020 'Chichi didn't [...]

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(Photo: Toei Animation)

The Dragon Ball fandom likes to give some heroes grief, but there are few who can match Chi-Chi. Sure, Yamcha might be the butt of everyone's joke, but Chi-Chi finds herself navigating vitriol day in and day out. Plenty of fans have come to push back on the heroine given her protective behavior and penchant for yelling. But thanks to one fan, the Chi-Chi fandom is rising up and calling for the fandom to lightened up about Chi-Chi.

Over on Twitter, the user ElisaJGCC got the debate going when they stepped out with a post pointing out why Chi-Chi has every right to be a bit uptight. Being a mother and wife in the Dragon Ball universe would be stressful no matter what... and it only becomes worse when you are married to Goku.

"ChiChi is a victim but was made to look like a villain when she didn't want Gohan going to Namek. She lost her husband and 4YO son for a year. ChiChi wasn't informed of everything by Goku's friends which created misunderstandings," the post reads.

"Chichi didn't care about Piccolo's death but ChiChi witnessed Piccolo trying to kill her fiance and later learns he kidnapped her son for a year. Not many mothers would have sympathy for a kidnapper and attempted murderer. Chichi's anger at the hospital was out frustration of her family splitting up again. A mother recently reunited with her kidnapped child will not want to part from him."

Continuing, ElisaJGCC went on to point out how Chi-Chi still gets her digs in without having to raise a fist. If Goku wants to get a point across, the Saiyan will not hesitate to square up, but Chi-Chi has learned there are more effective power moves out there. For instance, a solid bowl cut is sufficient punishment for Gohan after the boy went to Namek despite being told not to.... Yikes!

Over the years, Chi-Chi has found herself targeted for her unapologetic behavior, but her strong will has got Goku wrapped around her finger. For all of the insane things Chi-Chi has lived through, her reactions to them have been appropriate, and fans are backing up this post with their own support.

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