Dragon Ball Confirms Goku's Big Space-and-Time War Goal

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has put Goku into quite the sticky situation in the latest episode of its anime, with the Saiyan warrior finding himself landing into Fuu's new universe, and it seems as if the latest manga chapter of the spin-off series has revealed just what the Dragon Ball protagonist is after. In the latest installment, Goku battled against the sibling tag team of Freeza and Cooler, while also finding an unexpected ally in the form of Hearts, the former villain of the Super series who was attempting to free mortals from the whims of the gods by any means necessary.

The spin-off anime series has introduced us to not one, but two Gokus, with the main version of the Dragon Ball protagonist being joined by his Time Patrol doppelganger, who has the ability to transform into Super Saiyan 4, the power that was made famous thanks to Dragon Ball GT. With Goku now finding himself in a new universe, the warrior who relies on his fists far more than his brains finds himself in quite the pickle as he is immediately thrown into a battle following his fight against Broly as one part of the fusion creation known as Vegito.

Dragon Ball Goku
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Twitter User DBS Chronicles broke down the latest manga chapter of Dragon Ball Heroes, which shows that Goku's first thought when he lands into Fuu's new universe is that if there are no living beings, then there is no food for him to consume. Luckily, before suffering a heart attack, Hearts explains to Goku that this universe must have copied versions of the Dragon Balls, which the pair could use in order to escape from their current predicament.

The Space-Time War is promising not just to follow the partnership between Goku and Hearts, but also bring back a number of heroes and villains into the fold, including the likes of Cell, Gohan, Turles, Bojack, and a score of others. Though Dragon Ball fans are still waiting for news regarding the return of the main anime series, Super Dragon Ball Heroes isn't showing signs of stopping any time soon.


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Via DBS Chronicles