Dragon Ball Super Makes Important Change to Goku and Vegeta's Outfits

Throughout Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super and Super, Goku and Vegeta have mostly stuck to their traditional outfits of orange gi and Saiyan armor, and it seems as if both of the Saiyans' attire has seen some new changes as a result of the latest events of the Granolah Arc. With the two Saiyan brawlers venturing down different paths of training, it seems as if they will be needing some new outfits as they prepare to battle against the most powerful warrior in the universe in Granolah.

(Major Spoilers Follow!) In chapter 71 of Dragon Ball Super's manga, we find both Goku and Vegeta pushing their training with Whis and Lord Beerus to the next level. Goku is chasing the next levels of Ultra Instinct, while Vegeta is developing his powers as a God of Destruction. Thanks to their respective hard work, Goku and Vegeta are deemed worthy of special distinction by their cosmic allies.

Thanks to Whis' philosophical teachings and physical training, Goku is able to achieve the milestone of tapping into Ultra Instinct's power without transforming his base form. With his new level of Ultra Instinct achieved, Goku gets special recognition from Whis, in the form of having his orange gi once again embroidered by the Whis' angelic symbol. Goku was originally marked with the symbol alongside Vegeta, in the "Resurrection F" story arc, as the two Saiyans took on Golden Freeza.

Vegeta has been trained by Beerus to masker the God of Destruction technique of "Hakai," which completely annihilates something from the physical world (as opposed to blasting it to bits). In Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71, a month-long time-skip reveals that Vegeta is indeed tapping into a Destroyer's power - even if there's still a bit of training left to go in using it precisely. In order to make Vegeta "official" in the cosmic hierarchy, Beerus gives Vegeta an earring for his upper ear - the same kind that Beerus himself wears. Apparently, these earrings aren't just cosmetic: as Beerus tells it, "It's a symbol of those who can use destruction."

Dragon Ball Super Goku Vegeta New Angel Destroyer Costume Outfits Manga 71 Spoilers

As always, there is something of an ulterior motive for Whis and Beerus to make these changes to Goku and Vegeta's respective outfits: friendly competition between angel and Destroyer powers. It's only after Beerus gives Vegeta the mark of a Destroyer's earring that Whis decides to brand Goku with his angelic symbol. When Beerus sees Whis marking Goku, the Destroyer God is none too happy, yelling out "What the heck, Whis? You throwing down the gauntlet?"

To which Whis slyly responds with, "I believe you threw it first, Lore Beerus."

Goku and Vegeta's competitive rivalry has clearly reached Beerus and Whis, as they now have a vested interest in seeing which of their respective Saiyan students winds up stronger as a result of the different angel/Destroyer powers.


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 71 is now available to read online in Shonen Jump Magazine.