Dragon Ball Shows Off the Power of Trunks' New Sword

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series will soon be kicking off its much anticipated second season with the Big Bang Mission arc, but since this arc will include new elements and characters that were explored in the original game the anime decided to help fans with a cool recap special getting new fans up to speed with the Dark Demon Realm saga before the new story begins. The future of Dragon Ball Super might currently be up in the air for now, but this promotional anime series is providing all sorts of cool new moments for fan favorites.

This naturally includes Future Trunks who not only unlocked a cool Super Saiyan God form exclusive to this franchise, but has also gotten a powerful new sword. In order to battle against the denizens of the Demon Realm and face off against the final threat of the revived Dark King Mechikabura, the Supreme God of Time helped Trunks unleash the full power of the Key Sword.

This special recap episode shows off the final bits of the fight against Mechikabura as Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta and Super Saiyan God Future Trunks worked together in order to deliver the final blow. But thanks to Mechikabura's massive power, he wasn't really taking any permanent damage. Though this begins to change as their teamwork wears him down further with each attack. In one final effort when Mechikabura is weakened, Supreme Kai of Time channels her energy into Future Trunks' Key Sword.

This modifies his sword and gives it a huge boost of power. Along with the power of his Super Saiyan God form Trunks strikes down, but Mechikabura continues to laugh for a bit. Reminiscent of Android Freeza's defeat, a single slice soon runs down Mechikabura's body and he begins to break apart. Thanks to the power of this sword, Mechikabura is finally defeated and the threats of the demon realm are put to bed for now.

With the Big Bang Mission arc picking up after this story in both the original arcade game and promotional anime series, there is a chance this sword could show up in Super Dragon Ball Heroes' future. But considering how much it took to get there, it might not be smart to rely on this new power as Future Trunks and the others face a new threat.


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