Dragon Ball Cosplay Taps Into Trunks' Fanciest Look

Trunks has become a fan-favorite character within the Dragon Ball franchise, with the son of Vegeta leaving an impression thanks in part to his future self leaving quite the impression on the Z-Fighters in Dragon Ball Z. Now, one cosplayer has ventured into some wild territory by recreating one of the fanciest looks of the hybrid Saiyan brawler that only made an appearance in the black sheep of the Shonen franchise, Dragon Ball GT. 

Unfortunately for fans of Trunks, the one-time future warrior wasn't given much to do during Dragon Ball GT, not able to unleash any new transformations during the proceedings in the same vein as Goku and Vegeta achieving the forms of Super Saiyan 4. However, Trunks was given the opportunity to return to the Shonen franchise during the events of Dragon Ball Super, with his future self once again returning to the past in an effort to warn the Z-Fighters about the threat that was Goku Black, a nefarious doppelganger that was revealed to be a rogue Kaioshin by the name of Zamatsu. While Future Trunks has yet to be confirmed to return to Super, this summer's Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero will feature the present version of the Z-Fighter as a teenager.

Instagram Cosplayer Alaskajere-Cosplay shared this well-dressed version of Trunks that appeared briefly in Dragon Ball GT, with the son of Vegeta and Bulma in Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super normally wearing far different outfits when it came to diving into battle against androids and extraterrestrial threats:

Currently, Future Trunks has been featuring in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, with the Ultra God Mission showing off the Z-Fighter wielding the power of Super Saiyan God as a new tournament arc is taking place. Fighting what appears to be his former master, Future Gohan, it will be interesting to see how this battle plays out and whether Trunks is able to achieve any new transformations as a result of this new are of Heroes.


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