Dragon Ball Super Is Finally Making a Major Change to Trunks

Dragon Ball Super is bringing out some piping hot content this year, and one of its biggest releases will come this spring. If you didn't know, the Dragon Ball Super anime will return with a new movie before long, and fans were given an update on the project the other day. It was there fans got their first look at Gohan and Trunks all grown up, and it didn't take long before they noticed something odd about Bulma's firstborn. 

And why might that be? Well, we have Trunks' new design to thank. It seems Dragon Ball Super is making a big change to the hero, and it has fans guessing over his true hair color a little while longer.

As you can see above, Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero released a new poster the other night as part of a digital panel. It was there fans were gifted to actual clips of the film, but Trunks only came to light in this visual. The grown hero is shown alongside Goten as teenagers, and fans were quick to note Trunks' hair is now blue.

If you will recall, Trunks did not have blue locks when he was a kid in Dragon Ball Super. The boy's hair was more lilac-white even though Bulma had blue hair and Vegeta had black hair. The color originates from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z as Bulma was sometimes given lighter hair. But as of late, Vegeta's wife has kept blue locks consistently even though Trunks would still switch his look around.

Now, the hero has shaken up things once more. The older hero has blue hair now, so he is the spitting image of Bulma. The only question remaining is how Trunks' hair changed colors, but let's be real – it's no secret. If his hair did not naturally deepen into this blue shade, we're sure Bulma knows how to whip up some hair dye. 

What do you think of this wild change to Trunks? Did you ever expect Dragon Ball Super to give the hero a dye job? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.