Dragon Ball Is Bringing Back a Controversial GT Villain

Many people have tried to ignore the existence of Dragon Ball GT, but spin-off series like Dragon Ball Heroes made that impossible. The ill-fated sequel to Dragon Ball Z continues to be relevant despite its wacky premise and non-canon adventures. After all, that is where villains like Super 17 made their debut and Super Dragon Ball Heroes is determined to bring the baddie back. The android, which is made up of two Android 17 copies, has grown in favor over the years. And thanks to the spin-off's anime, Super 17 is ready to battle once more.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has managed to fulfill some fans' dreams, giving audiences the opportunity to once again see Goku and Vegeta access their Super Saiyan 4 forms and even tangle with their main continuity selves, testing their power against Super Saiyan Blue. With Fu, the demonic scientist originating from the Dark Demon Dimension, assembling a number of villains that he has "plucked from the time stream", fans were shocked when Super 17 had appeared alongside the likes of Turles, Bojack, and Metal Cooler. As Turles and Bojack go to war against Goku and Vegeta in a bid to destroy the Saiyans in their bid to take out the Universe Tree, Super 17 is still in the shadows, waiting for the best time to strike.

Dragon Ball Super 17
(Photo: Toei Animation)

Super 17's arc in Dragon Ball GT was an interesting one, with the combination of different androids resulting in the gates of the underworld opening up. On top of a new terrifying villain in the form of Super 17 that was able to tangle with Super Saiyan 4 Goku, every villain that the Z Fighters had defeated in the past was unleashed upon the world, giving us some noteworthy clashes along the way. A young Goku once again tangled with Freeza and Cell at the same time, Vegeta squared off against Nappa once again, and a slew of other antagonists and henchmen poured out of the connection between the two realities.

Fu noted when he addressed his new army that he was able to pluck them from their times, before they each met their respective ends, and though Super 17 existed in the Dragon Ball GT time line, it's clear that the demonic scientist found a way into the time line that was most likely once inhabited by the Xeno versions of the Z Fighters.

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