Dragon Ball Heroes Shares First Synopsis for Upcoming Special

Super Dragon Ball Heroes might currently be making waves outside of Japan in the last few years due to the promotional anime series, but the original arcade game it's based off of will soon be celebrating its massive tenth anniversary. With the original arcade games hitting this monumental anniversary soon, the promotional anime series will be taking a brief break from adapting the current Big Bang Mission arc of its second season to highlight the original story found in the game with a special episode. As for what we can expect to see from this episode, now we have a synopsis!

The special episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes' promotional anime series is titled "Rush to the Battlefield! Dragon Ball Heroes!" and the official synopsis for it (as noted @DBSChronicles on Twitter) describes the episode as such, "Dragon Ball Heroes 10th Anniversary! This is a special edition that depicts the story of the hero avatars who have spent the last ten years with you! The hero avatars have finally received a 'Super Class Up' to [Ultra Instinct Sign]. Challenge fiercer battles and continue to grow stronger with them!"

Although fans outside of Japan are more likely more aware of the stories found in the two seasons of the promotional anime series thus far, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has actually been going on for far longer than that. In the ten years of the arcade game telling its own stories, there have been all sorts of fun new takes on the franchise. Not only have their been tons of new villains introduced, but fun new spins on classic villains with devilish makeovers and more.

Dragon Ball Heroes Big Bang Mission Episode 8 Vegito
(Photo: Bandai)

At the center of these games are the player stand-ins with Beat (a male Saiyan) and Note (a female Saiyan). These young Saiyans acquire all the same power ups as Goku and Vegeta do, and now they will soon be unlocking Ultra Instinct Sign as the synopsis teases! This will likely be the focus of the entire episode as we get teases of the future of the Big Bang Mission arc for the rest of the promotional anime series.

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