Dragon Ball Pays Planet Vegeta a Special Visit in Latest Episode

Dragon Ball has spent a lot of time fleshing out its main universe, but Planet Vegeta got the short end of that stick long ago. The world was destroyed by Freeza some years ago, and it has only been visited in anime from time to time. Of course, this means fans are always hyped to revisit the planet, and that is just what the anime has done with Dragon Ball Heroes.

If you did not know, the most recent episode of the PR anime has gone live, and it was there fans were able to check in on the world. Vegeta was thrown into a fake universe without Goku by his side. As you can imagine, he was happy to be on his own, but things got tense when Vegeta realized what planet he was on.

As you can see above in the stills, Dragon Ball Heroes has brought back Planet Vegeta, and the world appears to be intact in this fake universe. It is even populated somewhat as Vegeta is shown facing off with Cumber and Turles here. Clearly, he is going to have to fight these foes if he wants to get off Planet Vegeta, but fans are hoping the prince gets to check out the world just a bit before heading out.

You might also be able to tell how different Planet Vegeta looks in this fake universe. Its dark red overtones are unusual for this planet, but that is par for the course here. After all, Dragon Ball tends to give Planet Vegeta a makeover any time it shows up on the screen. Originally, Planet Vegeta was shown as red before it was made green-blue during Dragon Ball GT. Now, the planet has given into yet another makeover, and fans hope it will not be the last!

What do you think of this planet's special comeback? Who do you hope to see pop up on Planet Vegeta? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.