Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Episode 18 Synopsis

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is currently celebrating the ninth anniversary of the massively popular card arcade game in Japan, and one of these celebrations involves the upcoming climactic final battle of the Universal Conflict arc. The promotional anime series has definitely surprised fans thus far with how far its come beyond what what initially expected, and the next episode of this series teases that things will be getting even bigger with a fight between Gogeta and Godslayer Hearts. But what can we expect to see in this upcoming fight? Thankfully, a new synopsis has emerged that clears things up a bit.

Episode 18 of the promotional anime series is titled "Super Showdown! Gogeta vs. Hearts" and the synopsis for it (translated via saiyajedi on Reddit) reads as such, "Gogeta and Hearts clash! The fate of the universe is riding on the mightiest fused warrior. How will this earth-shaking super decisive battle play out?!"

The next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is currently slated for a premiere sometime this December in Japan, and the synopsis unfortunately doesn't give us much to go on beyond confirming that Gogeta and Hearts will be having a big battle. The most interesting tidbit of the new synopsis, however, is the fact that it teases that Gogeta is the "mightiest fused warrior."

This might mean that Gogeta stands a better chance in the promotional series than fusions have in the past. Vegito had made his debut in a previous episode of the series, but was unceremoniously defeated not long after. The same could very well happen to Gogeta here, but the synopsis touting him as the "mightiest" makes it seem like Gogeta will indeed help to turn the hopeless fight against Hearts in a new direction.


With Super Saiyan Blue currently sitting at 1-0 in terms of his fights in the Dragon Ball franchise thus far, the odds of the fusion's victory are pretty good. But who knows with Dragon Ball Heroes? It could be that Hearts has yet another powerful form underneath should he actually be defeated. But Gogeta doesn't exactly have that kind of backup.

If you wanted to check out the promotional anime series for yourself, Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 17 is now live. It's titled, "Ultimate God Killer! The Birth of Hearts!" and the synopsis reads as such, "Hearts has finally evolved into his ultimate form. As Jiren and Hit come to the rescue, Goku and co. start an all-out battle! The final battle that decides the fate of the universe begins!"