Dragon Ball Heroes Reveals Dark Look For Gohan From The Future

Unlike the Trunks from the far future ravaged by Androids 17 and 18, Future Gohan never made a comeback to Dragon Ball Z or Dragon Ball Super following his death at the hands of Dr. Gero's creations. Super Dragon Ball Heroes is changing this fact however by bringing back a very different version of this Gohan from an alternate timeline, with the spin-off series giving the son of Goku a very different aesthetic from what we've seen before.   

This version of Future Gohan was able to dive into his backstory in the latest episode of the Ultra God Mission, apparently being the only one to survive the attack from Androids 17 and 18, with the original alternate future seeing Trunks and Bulma survive. Now, Future Gohan is seeking to use the power of the Dark Dragon Balls to bring back his deceased friends, and in doing so, is fighting against Trunks in his Super Saiyan God form. While Trunks boasts that Gohan won't be able to defeat him with only one arm, it seems that this alternate version of Goku's son has some tricks up his sleeve.

If you haven't had the chance to watch the latest episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, you can currently catch it below, with the installment seeing some big surprises for the Z-Fighters as it brings back former heroes and villains as a part of this new radical tournament that plucks its combatants from alternate timelines:

One of the major benefits of Dragon Ball Heroes is that the outside-of-continuity series is able to bring back characters that would have otherwise not returned to the main Shonen timeline, with Future Gohan being a prime example of a character that has remained a memory. In this latest arc alone, we've seen the return of Bardock, Kid Buu, Tapion, Janenba, and Cooler to name a few, proving that the spin-off isn't afraid to dive deep when it comes to giving fans some wild battles.

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