Dragon Ball Heroes Debuts New Series Opening: Watch

Super Dragon Ball Heroes had treaded into some wild territory over the years of its existence, with the spin-off series bringing back heroes and villains from Dragon Ball's past that otherwise might have never been featured in the main series. With the Ultra God Mission continuing in the anime series, the new opening not only shows off some of the new combatants, but also makes a surprise reference to Dragon Ball GT, outside of the inclusion of Super Saiyan 4 that is.        

When last we left the Z-Fighters of Universe 7 in Super Dragon Ball Heroes, they were placed within some wild match-ups across the board, with the likes of Goku fighting against his alternate self within the Time Patrol, Future Trunks fighting against Tappion, and even Yamcha attempting to take on Frieza. With the latest episode seemingly seeing the fighters rebel against the rogue Kaioshin responsible for putting this new tournament together, it would seem that Goku and company have some wild new threats to fight in the Warriors in Black, made up of alternate versions of Piccolo, Future Gohan, and Bardock to name a few

Twitter Outlet DBS Hype shared the new opener for Super Dragon Ball Heroes, which features Goku Jr and Vegeta Jr from Dragon Ball GT, while also seeing the likes of Goku and Jiren fighting side by side and giving Future Gohan a new darker look to accompany his new allegiances:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes as an anime was originally created to help in bolstering the arcade game, Dragon Ball Heroes, which routinely would bring back characters from the Shonen's past while also introducing a veritable ton of new characters that would otherwise have never appeared in the main series. With the return date of Dragon Ball Super's television series still up in the air at this point, Heroes might be fans' best shot at seeing the small screen debut of Gohan and Piccolo's new forms from Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

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