New Dragon Ball Heroes Episode Title Teases Vegito's Next Fight

Super Dragon Ball Heroes as a spin-off has given us a number of new characters and events that we might not have seen otherwise, including giving us brand new scenes of what is easily the strongest characters in the franchise in Vegito and the promo for the next episode has big things in store for the Potarra Earring creation! With Vegeta and Goku fusing once again in a bid to stop the nefarious plans of Fu, the mad scientist attempting to change the universe by utilizing the power of the Universe Seed, things might not be as easy for Vegito as one might think!

Fu has been a unique character in the episodes of Dragon Ball Heroes, being one of the last surviving members of the Dark Demon Dimension and vowing to use a combination of his scientific knowledge and power level to get revenge for his parents and race that were killed by a very different version of the Z Fighters. In an early episode of the Big Bang Mission, we witnessed the Time Patrol facing off against the demons of the underworld, with the Xeno versions of Goku and Vegeta using the power of Super Saiyan 4 to end the threat. Needless to say, despite his overall power level, Vegito is set to have a serious fight on his hands.

Twitter User DBS Chronicles shared the promo for the eighth episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, hinting at the upcoming battle between Vegito and a new version of Fu that may very well be gaining an insane power up thanks to the overall energy of the Universe Seed and the Evil Saiyan, Cumber:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes actually gave us two versions of Vegito during the spin-off's run, with the traditional one that we know facing off against Fu and the Time Patrol version that harnesses the power of Super Saiyan 4. We definitely wouldn't be surprised if we see both versions of these characters teaming up, or even battling against one another at some point!

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