Dragon Ball Promo Teases the Debut of Super Fu

Fu has been one of the biggest new villains introduced in the spin-off series of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, being a refugee from the Dark Demon Dimension and attempting to get revenge for the loss of his brethren within the underworld, and it seems as if the mad scientist is going to get a rather large "glow up". First appearing as a part of the "Prison Planet Arc" that kicked the anime off, Fu has been working in the background to not only get revenge for his dimension, but also conduct experiments that throws more than a few curve balls at the Z Fighters!

In the second season of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, Fu has been using the power of the Universe Seed in a big to change the universe to get his revenge. Joined by several villains from both the Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT series, such as Turles, Bojack, Super 17, and Cooler to name a few, Fu has become a force of evil within the spin-off series. Shockingly, Fu also has an insane amount of power, able to dodge some of the most powerful blows from both Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan Blue forms.

Twitter User DBSChronicles shared the promotion for the eighth episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes, showing that Fu will be gaining a big power boost in his battle against Super Vegito, most likely using the power of the Universe Seed in order to gain unfound strength:

Super Dragon Ball Heroes has been able to give us a number of events and characters that we might have never seen otherwise, with the likes of Super Saiyan 4 being brought into the fray. As the worlds of the Z Fighters and the Time Patrol meet, it's clear that they'll need all the help that they can get in taking down the Dark Demon Dimension scientist, especially since the previous villain of Hearts is apparently making his way back to the land of the living as well.

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