Dragon Ball Teases How Hearts Will Try To Kill Grand Zeno

Super Dragon Ball Heroes' latest story arc, "Universal Conflict: Dawn of War" has set up some pretty lofty ambitions for itself. The Core Area Warriors, a team of villains from the darkest depths of the Prison Planet, have stolen a powerful weapon called the Universe Seed in order to kill Grand Zeno, the strongest god in the multiverse (that we know of).

Up until now, there's been a big mystery about how the Universe Seed works, exactly, and how The Core Area Warriors' leader, Hearts, plans to use the weapon to destroy Zeno. With the premiere of Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 14, however, we're starting to get some answers to both questions.

Episode 14 continues with the Core Area Warriors' invasion of Universe 7, and attack on Earth and its Z-Fighter heroes. Goku continues to battle against Heart's immense psychic powers, while Piccolo and Android 17 fight a tag-team bout against evil Androids Kamin and Oren, in their fused Kamioren form. Despite the impressive power of Kamioren, Piccolo and No. 17 prove to be superior with strategy and sheer strength, and Kamioren finds itself quickly defeated. Seeing his soldier falter, Hearts finally decides to reveal the true power of the Universe Seed - and it is a terrible power, indeed.

The entire "Universal Concflict" aspect of this story arc has been the Core Area Warrior's systematic invasion of different universes that are home to powerful fighters (6, 11, 7), where Hearts has been using the conflict to siphon energy into the Universe Seed like a massive battery. Hearts then takes that energy (or at least a portion of it), and channels it through Kamioren in a massive energy spike, which transforms the fused android into a hulking monster of immense power. Not even the combined effort of Vegeta, Future Trunks, Goku, No. 17 and Piccolo is enough to stop the enhanced Kamioren - it's only when Goku randomly manifests Ultra Instinct again that the Z-Fighters see a glimmer of hope that they can turn the tide.

Now that we know the true function of the Universe Seed, and what kind of power-up it can provide to a fighter, it's not hard to imagine where this is going. Depending on what kind of treacherous leader Hearts is (or is not), he will either boost his own psychic powers with the Universe Seed to obliterate Grand Zeno, or will use one (or all) of his warriors as living weapons to aim at Grand Zeno and his forces, in an all-out attack on the Omni-King's palace.


That's just speculation, but given the kind of endgame the "Universal Conflict" story arc has set for itself, the climax needs to be that level of epic, wouldn't you agree?

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