Dragon Ball Is Peak Entertainment with Its Portuguese Dub

Dragon Ball anime's Portuguese Dub version has gone viral with fans, thanks to a video clip that [...]

Dragon Ball anime's Portuguese Dub version has gone viral with fans, thanks to a video clip that takes some infamous staples of Dragon Ball Z and showcases just how ridiculously hilarious they are when dubbed over with the Portuguese voice tracks. The Portuguese dub of Dragon Ball Z is particularly ludicrous as it adds cartoonish sound effects to DBZ's signature (over)use of frightened character reaction shots. Literally every moment of fright from Gohan or Krillin; every cackle from Vegeta, or every fight sequence comes with sound effects that seem like they were recorded by a drunken choir - or one a satanic one.

...And that's just the beginning of how things get weird.

When Captain Ginyu and his Ginyu Force dance pops-up in the Dragon Ball Z Portuguese Dub, the absurdity truly gets next-level. Another clip of Vegeta spent and injured during battle makes his labored breathing and slumped pose seem like something straight out of a porno movie. A sequence of Freeza beating down Vegeta sounds like the porno movie turned into a snuff film.

In general, Vegeta's voice is probably the most egregiously absurd aspect of the Dragon Ball Z Portuguese Dub. The voice actor sounds like he's doing his best version of The Joker, which just makes things weird.

Dragon Ball Z is now an even bigger and more iconic worldwide hit, more than thirty years after it first hit TV in Japan. As technology improves, and more licensing and broadcast snares have been worked out, greater numbers of audiences around the world have been able to jump in and experience the series in one form or another, and generation after generation of fan seems to love just as much.

During an interview with ComicBook.com, Dragon Ball English Dub actors Sean Schemmel (Goku) and Monica Rial (Bulma) talked about how big Dragon Ball Z (and anime) has gotten:

"It's so awesome and yet so overwhelming," Rial said. "Because when we started we said 'We're just little voice actors! We go into a closet, nobody knows who we are! Like the anoymity is great and all of a sudden, that anonymity is kinda gone, man... But at the same time it's really kind of rewarding because we've spent so much of our lives in anime, and working on anime, and telling people how awesome anime is? Only to finally, years later, have people listen."

"So it's kind of a 'duh' moment," Schemmel added. "It's like 'Oh welcome to the club.' We were anime when anime wasn't cool."

Well, now even Dragon Ball Z's crazy Portuguese Dub is getting it's time in the limelight. How far this series has come.

You can stream Dragon Ball Z on Funimation and Hulu.