Goku Voice Actor Write Tribute to Slain Dragon Ball Star Luis Mendoza

The past few days have been rough for the Dragon Ball community. Last weekend, fans were left stunned when it was confirmed Luis Alfonso Mendoza had passed away. The actor was a legend within the Spanish dub community, and he was best-known for voicing Gohan in the anime's Latin Spanish dub. In the days following his death, Mendoza's fellow cast members have shared their love for him, but Mario Castañeda took the time to write a touching tribute to his friend.

For those who do not know, Castañeda is yet another legend in the dub scene. The actor voices Goku in Dragon Ball overseas, and he is often praised for his work. Now, Castañeda has something to share about his slain colleague who he became very close with over the years.

As translated by Mexiflan on Twitter, Castañeda says he is struggling with the loss.

"Suddenly, we run out of words... we lived 1001 tales, adventures full of emotion, and yelling, and laughter... and it looks like we can do with any situation we have to play but life is millions of times more impacting and painful, and in an instant your throat dries and you can only cry and the memories from 37 years ago hit your head," the actor wrote.

"Today departs one of those brothers that gave you life, one of those that grew up in another house, but they arrived on your life to help you grow. Thank you Luis Alfonso Mendozaf or your good example, your talent, and work. The departure of Lulu and you pains me deeply, but your have left us a great legacy and teaching... Always on my heart, my dear Gohan."


The touching tribute is hitting home with fans who are still upset by the tragic loss. Mendoza helped raise Dragon Ball's popularity back in the day, and Latin America continues to be one of the franchise's biggest supporters. When news broke Mendoza had been killed alongside his wife and brother-in-law, the reactions were heartbreaking to say the least. Now, fans are doing all they can to cope just like Castañeda is doing, and tributes like this are helping them processing their grief.

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