New Dragon Ball Super and Boruto Chapters Are Now Available

New Dragon Ball Super and Boruto: Naruto Next Generations manga chapters are now available online! You can follow the links below to read Dragon Ball Super chapter 63 and/or Boruto chapter 49 for FREE ONLINE, as well as getting the breakdown on what new thrills are waiting in these new chapters. Indeed, both Dragon Ball Super and Boruto are currently in the midst of some pretty intense story arcs, as both series have hit the milestone of unleashing their most powerful villains yet, with major series-altering fallout on the horizon, even if the battle is one. If you've been taking a break from either series, it's definitely time to hop back in!

You can read Dragon Ball Super chapter 63 FREE online HERE. The latest issue will be picking up with the final battle with new villain, Planet-Eater Moro, who has fused with his evil android henchman to achieve an ultimate final form. with his magic, strength, and ability to copy any fighters special abilities, Moro has effortlessly demolished Earth's Z-Fighter defenders, with Goku and Piccolo both fatally wounded in the bloody battle. Only the elite Galactic Patrolman (and undercover angel) Merus is left to stand against Moro and defend Earth, so fans are hyped to see that fight unfold!

Dragon Ball Super 63 Boruto 49 Manga Now Available Free Online

You can read Boruto chapter 49 FREE online HERE. Fans are panicking about opening this issue, as we were left believing that Naruto and Sasuke were about to enter the fight that could finally claim one or both of their lives. Boruto's "Kara Arc" has revealed that the titular crime syndicate was actually a front for a new Otsutsuki threat: Kaguya's partner Isshiki, who has been hiding inside Kara's leader Jigen, waiting for his true "vessel" (Boruto's new friend Kawaki) to come of age. However, thanks to traitor inside Kara's ranks (Amado and his Jiraiya clone), Isshiki has had to manifest his true form early, leaving him uniquely vulnerable to death.

However, Isshiki knows this too and has teleported directly to Hidden Leaf Villag in order to hunt down Kawaki and once again turn him into a vessel for Isshiki's true resurrection. When Naruto and Sasuke fought Isshiki's host body Naruto was left imprisoned in another dimension, and Sasuke was critically wounded. This rematch is going to be one of the most epic fights in the entire Naruto saga - and it may not end well.

Dragon Ball Super manga drops monthly on Shonen Jump's site; the anime is still on hiatus. Boruto manga also drops monthly on Shonen Jump, and the anime is ongoing, despite delays due to the coronavirus epidemic.